How to prepare your home for sale

When you've made the decision to sell, before putting your house on the market follow these simple steps to prepare your home for a quick and easy sale...

STEP 1 - De-Clutter & De-Personalise

This is probably the most time consuming and daunting task in any sellers eyes. BUT you will have to do it at some point before packing your boxes to move, so it may as well be prior to showcasing your home to potential buyers. Many sellers now look for outside support on these tasks to really focus on what to keep/donate/throw away.

STEP 2- Unfinished Jobs

When a buyer walks in, they want to see a well maintained and well cared for home. This makes the buyers feel that there won't be any surprises down the road or expensive repairs to deal with. Get all of those little jobs taken care of; replace that light bulb, touch up that paint and make sure the garden path is free from weeds! It all contributes towards a more appealing end product for the buyer!

STEP 3 - Clean, Clean, Clean

So simple, yet so effective. It really is worth having your home in pristine condition for photography and viewings. Ensure windows are sparkling, carpets are clean & everything is tidied away. The buyer wants to visualise themselves living in this home. Anything that distracts them from that thought, such as dirty plates in the sink, decreases your chances of a sale. Always make sure your home smells as good as it looks too!

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