How to maximise value at any budget

We know by now that home staging is all about selling your home quickly and for more money. However, what a lot of sellers don't know is how much the home staging service is going to set them back.

It is a lot more affordable than you think.

Typically, the whole service is around 1-2% of your property value. This includes the home staging consultant fees, the light improvements to your home and any furniture and accessories that may need to be purchased.

When you consider 1-2% of your homes value, it is a lot less money than your average price reduction on a property. Not to mention the fact that you will save yourselves so much time and stress, also putting yourselves in a strong position as a buyer for your next home.

Because home staging consultants base their work on percentages on the value of your home, rather than a structured fee as such, it means home staging is scalable for all price ranges. Working if you are at the top of the market or bottom of the market.

Generally there are certain area's where the spend is focused. These tend to be furniture replacements, new flooring and maintenance on the home. Sometimes these are essential for improved layout, creating space and elevating the property to a more premium finish.

However, there are a lot of improvements which will only cost you your time. De-Cluttering is definitely one of these, as is cleaning and keeping a tidy and organised home.

Of course, even the spend on the more focused areas should be relative to your property. You wouldn't expect to see an Ikea sofa in pride of place in the living room of a £10.5 million pound estate, nor would you expect to see a custom marble kitchen in a £190k one bed flat. A qualified home stager will guide you towards property appropriate improvements and furnishings, catering to your budget.

Ultimately; all homes benefit from home staging, there are no price ranges it doesn't work and no seller that doesn't want more money!

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